Our Beef Products

Straight from the Farm
Our Beef can be ordered to meet your request. You do not have to worry about your meat going through a feedlot and picking up diseases. All meat is processed after the order is placed.

Premium Farm Beef

Our wholesale beef can be ordered by quarter, half, or a whole beef.  We allow the customer to choose how the beef is finished.  We have both grass fed and corn fed beef cattle.  You have the option of choosing a weight of 700 - 1200 lbs. when you buy a whole beef.  We want our customers to be absolutely 100% satisfied.  If you have other suggestions or options, please let us know.

Prices are based on hanging weight. Prices inlcude packaging and processing. See Frequently Asked Questions for shipping and processing information.

Special Order

No request is too large!  If you would rather have a different type of beef other than Angus, we can provide it.  We have a large network of local farmers that raise very high quality beef cattle.  We do require that the beef be paid in full on all special orders before the order will be processed. 

Current Beef Prices - 2015!

Prices may vary based on Market Prices. Special Orders will be priced as requested.

The Beef Petite - Eighth Beef$4.39 lb.
The Beef Sampler - Quarter Beef$4.19 lb.
The Beef Lover - Half Beef$3.99 lb.
The Beef Addict - Full Beef$3.89 lb.
All Natural Hamburger$5.69 lb.

Want to save even more? Refer someone to us and we will credit your next purchase $25!

Premium Beef that fits a family budget!

Vacuumed sealed premium packaging with every order!

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